Locost SA Car Showroom

    Locost SA makes available to South African enthusiasts the most popular self build cars, from component parts to full kits and 'turn-key' cars. We attempt to offer something suitable for all people, At the moment the selections we offer is based on our investigation in the current market, both here in South Africa and overseas, we however are hoping to expand the range to suit everyone's needs, so if you have a particular interest, or knowledge of some product we do not offer, please let us know and we will attempt to meet your requirements.

    If you are very proficient mechanically, with access to a comprehensive workshop and equipment, you will find many components which either you cannot fabricate, or it is simply cheaper or easier to buy them 'off the shelf'.

    If you do not have the facilities or expertise to fabricate parts then we can provide you with everything from chassis to suspension bushes, allowing you to concentrate on building your unique creation without worrying about 'dodgy welds' or other common problems.

    If you are not sure what it takes to build a car then contact us for information or enter the Forum where there are many South African builders or enthusiasts who will b more than willing to help you with advice.

    If you simply do not have the time or inclination  to build your own then we can offer 'turn-key' options where you pick the car, then we will discuss with you to advise on the best options for your intended use, the car will then be fully assembled ready to 'turn the key' and drive away.