My Build - Luego Locost (Book) 20 Valve

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My Build - Luego Locost (Book) 20 Valve

Postby Errol Martin on Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:45 am

Well where to start…..!!

I bought my starter kit almost a year ago from Brad and Anne, under the intention of spending as much time a possible on it and the ambition of completing it in a year (of course all big mouth in the pubs taking ridiculous bets of Jonny Walker Blue with anyone of my mates who I thought were stupid enough to take the bet, but now it seems that it is I who will be handing over the JW)

Well I collected the chassis and was promptly taken to my parent’s house where the build would take place! (was politely informed by the missus that our place was a place of rest and not a scrap yard for building cars and it would inherently end up with me in the garage working and her inside).

The build got off to a flying start, within the first two weeks the front and rear suspension was sorted, the diff was stripped and brackets welded on, the uprights were cleaned and basically ready for a lick of paint. The chassis was prepped for paint and things were on track! After having my very soft rubber arm twisted ever so slightly I decided to go back on my original choice of a cross flow engine and go the 20 valve route, a nice engine was sourced and a gearbox ‘arranged’. The gearbox was collected and a race home after work to inspect the gearbox, only to discover that the gearbox was missing the bell housing!!! So another gearbox was bought with the promise that it “just bolts on”. All other parts were sourced (engine management, fuel pump, brake pipes and fittings, fuel lines, wheels and of course the list just goes on and on)

The next step was fitting the engine and gearbox, so a trip to Andre was arranged to have a look at his engine mountings and to make drawings. This done it was back home and ready to fabricate brackets. Then what I discovered next was that I had purchased one of the very first silvertop 20 valves with slightly smaller ITB’s and double linkages!!!! So in order to get the motor to fit under the bonnet I had to re-address the engine mounts. The engine was set up so that the bottom of the block is parallel to the floor and an inclometer used to measure the position of the original engine mountings to determine the angles required to fabricate new mountings. The gearbox was cleaned and ready to “just bolt on”, NOT, wrong bell housing and now with a complete sense of humor failure with the supplier I set out trying to find a bell housing, which I got from Brad! The gearbox was installed and mountings fabricated.

The next step was to install fuel and brake lines, a fairly simple process really and nothing to difficult here, although I am not to happy with the fuel lines which will probably be redone in the near future. The fuel tank was installed and brackets made for these. The pedal box, master cylinders and remote reservoirs were installed and must say the car is starting to look good!

And then disaster struck, some major personal issues arose and work on the car came to a fast grinding halt, more time was spent at home to try resolve the issue (but I must admit I was longing to work on my car) and unfortunately I found myself been a bachelor again (and proceeded to assist my mates with the bottles of Jonny Walker that I had lost to them) Hahahahaha

Now things are back on track, work on the car has proceeded and I am happy to report that the car is at a stage now where it is in need of its wiring loom, a fresh coat of paint to the chassis (got a bit damaged as the car was originally standing outside in the back garden and no roof to work under, installing an engine by yourself in the baking summer weather is no easy task nor to kind on the paint work! But now I have the car undercover and a proper working space, I am sure things will be easier).

Hopefully I will be able to fill you in on a weekly basis on how my build is proceding!
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Postby Gerrie on Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:01 pm

Hi Errol, just a quick good luck on your build as well, I also know now what frustration is when a person collects your kit all eager to get started and then there are lifes things hampering one in getting on with it - luckily mine (a suitable build location as well) will be sorted out soon.

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Postby andredp on Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:19 am

Hi Errol

I am very sorry to hear about you troubles, hope the future holds it good for you, BUT I am certain that the car will keep you occupied :)

Good luck with getting her finished.
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Postby Errol Martin on Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:27 pm

Thanks guys for the words of encouragement, and yes Andre you are correct, the car will and has kept me busy and the passion for it has come back again!
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