race diary i wish

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race diary i wish

Postby woolfie on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:41 am

well thurs night decided to pack and ready for phakisa thgought all issues were soughted .trailer ready meet others on highway round 6 .get to phakisa and it seemed a little empty ,find pit 21 offload cars and get ready for some practise ,give the car once over and feeling confident ,so we were all strapped in and ready to go took a few easy laps remembering place and track ,third lap feeling a little confident gave it a little push had newbies following me mr hart good to see then i cooked it going into the corner with bump and gave it a spin landed on inside now decided i had to push and find other limits session one over was great fun back to pits session 2 here we car car was feeling good less fuel in the tank more accelerator i was on the limitor in few places was even gaining confidence and getting limitor in bowl was alot of fun good speeds and car felt good ,back to pits had a grin ear to ear car still runing and in one piece and she feels great . session 3 take a few laps having fun caught the rotrix and had a few nice dices about 5 laps in near ending of session pushing car nicely then had a lola up my backside heard a clunk all looked,guages good ok the i think in turn 5 flat out on limiter for 3rd change up got a great line just aimed up for next corner before straight and everything got a bit hot very quickly had flames coming out of bonnet even some climing up side of car pulled fire extinguisher system and most of them went out .pulled off on side .had marshals take their time ,by the time i got bonnet off ,opened up bonnet lid inside ws still on fire and air filter ,threw bonnet and helped marsh extinguish rest .we moved car to runoff and she caught alight again ,then had a look for cause .starter top bolt broke in bellhousing bottom subsequintly loosened -starter lent back aqbit and the positive terminal sparked and ate into braded oil hose ,so positive of starter on braided hose called oil fire ,hooked up car and got towed back .had a look at dammage ,dids not seem too bad so stripped inlet ,starter and damaged hose off and replaced wiring that looked damaged ,cleaned up ,washed all fire foam off and then decided to get hydraulic hose in morning as everything was now closed on friday ave ,so got hose made up back to bits by 8:30 parts in all back together gave the car a little charge and cranked for oil pressure .put coil back and she would not start no spark try fing culperet ......and look under dash the wiring looked like one ball of plastic where it comes in from tunnel moved it around and then there was fuel pump on then off a few sparks .so threw in towel . im not a quiter but now this car is getting too me since i have had her think i have entered 9 races and landed up finishing one loosing determination very fast and loosing parts to replace on car i write this and some how still think i have that determination and want to race but then go look in garage and think would it not be easier just to rebuild or start again maybe then it will actually last a race and i will finish one
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