Race report Zwartkops 10 April

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Race report Zwartkops 10 April

Postby muller on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:36 pm


I made a number of small changes to my car after Midvaal and was looking forward to practice to fine tune the setup.

From the start the car was very nervous and kept on bottoming out in Turn 4 and turn 1, but despite this the lap times were good from the start and I did 13’s without pushing the car.

I raised the rear ride height a bit and stiffened the dampers and it virtually eliminated the bottoming out of the car but increased the nervousness, but even so, lap times dropped into the low 12’s. Following advice from Gareth I made a few more small changes and for the next session I consistently ran in the 11’s getting as low as a 1:11.5, a PB for me!

I made sure I was one of the first cars out and started pushing from the 2nd lap, immediately getting into the 1:11’s. After 2 flying laps I started hitting traffic and used one lap to clear a few cars before slowing down between T7 and T8 to build a gap for a quick lap. This worked very well and I managed a few more 11’s before the end of qualy. The result put me on pole with a 1:11.386, just ahead of Derek on a 1:11.447 with Lauren 4th.

Race 1
I had a good start keeping ahead of Derek, but on the first lap already the water temp started going up. Halfway through lap 2 the car started misbehaving with big oversteer through T5 and T6. Derek was right behind me looking for a way past. Into T8 the back stepped out suddenly and both us spun out, me to the outside onto the grass and Derek to the inside facing oncoming traffic. We both rejoined but my temps continued to creep up while my feet got wetter and wetter. Derek quickly got past me while I slowed down to avoid completely boiling the engine. Jeff lost it in turn 1 hitting the outside barrier causing the deployment of the safety car. This allowed me to nurse the car a bit and the temps started to drop back down to more normal levels. With the restart I decided to push on a bit but the water immediately spiked to over 110degs and I pulled into the pit ane, my 3rd DNF out of 3 races. Derek went on to finish 2nd just behind Lauren who got her first class B race win!

In the pits the only fault I could find a fan belt that was a bit loose, so I tightened that and hoped for the best.

Race 2
For race 2 I started at the back of class B (9th) in 15th place overall. I knew I would need to clear the traffic very quickly to have any chance so started the race with a mission in mind. I got a really good start getting past 2 cars before turn one, into turn 1 I snuck up the inside of Glen making up another place. Everybody went defensive for turn 2, so I went wide passing John around the outside into turn 2. My wide line gave me great drive out the corner and got past Piero before turn 3 and was gaining fast on Wayne into turn 4. I wasn’t quite close enough but speed differential was enough to have a look up the inside and outbrake him. I had a little lock up needing some quick correction but made the move stick putting me into 5th place for B.

Next up was Ken and Ettienne and Lauren having a dice giving me a chance to catch up quickly. By the end of the lap I was right up with them and had a little look up the inside of Ken into T2. Ken saw me and covered the line. Braking on the marbles he locked up a front wheel and drifted wide making contact with Ettienne, spinning him around. I slowed down and took a very tight line avoiding them both – up into 3rd! By now Lauren was ahead of me by about ½ the back straight as I set about catching her.

For the fist time I had a chance to look at my gauges. The water temp was perfect at 90degs, but the oil temp was off the gauge (150deg +). I know it’s a sin to have a gauge and then ignore it, but so be it. Every now and then I glance at the oil temps hoping that it had come down but basically ignored the gauge and just focused on the water temp. All this gauge watching was a bit distracting and my driving suffered from it. I kept on missing apex’s and having to correct the car. Definitely not my best driving display but luckily the lap times were still good and I managed to keep on gaining on Lauren. Over the next 5 laps I closed the gap down to the point where I started looking for a way past. I wasn’t going to hold back but at the same time I could not afford to risk contact, never mind that I that I would need to fix 2 cars, I still had to go home with her!!

I had a look into T4 but Lauren kept her cool. Up into T5 she went defensive and I tried to get a better drive out of 5 into 6 but couldn’t close the gap. She was slow through T8 allowing me to catch right up to her through T1 and I started to line her up for a move into T2 but the back stepped out and I dropped back as I battled to control the car.

Through T3 Lauren slowed suddenly as she battled to get 3rd gear (a problem she had in race 1 as well) and I got alongside her with the inside line for T4. Into T4 I made the move stick and she tucked in behind me. Up the hill to 5 I had to go defensive and she went wide and we entered the corner side by side. Lauren took a tighter line ducking inside me for T6 but I shut the door keeping the lead. On the next lap we hit traffic into T4 and she closed right up with again but couldn’t make a move as we lapped the back markers. For the rest of the race we maintained our gap and I finished 2nd less than a second ahead of her. My first race finish for the season!

The race video shows some nice racing if you ignore the scruffy driving on my part.

Video's (I didn't bother with race 1 for myself)
Race 2 part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItgC5ZwOw0A
Race 2 part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHW5NjG-6n8

Lauren's race videos
Race 1 Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx4FrsGWsig
Race 1 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VWrAwDlrts
Race 2 Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4zdrn_uFDY
Race 2 Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHlZCIIeY2w

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