Brake bleed problem

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Brake bleed problem

Postby XKV8R on Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:16 pm

Maybe someone has run into this problem before

My Birkin was supplied with rear disc calipers that apparently come off a Golf. The brake bleed setup comprises a reducer which sits in a large screw hole in the caliper, and in turn there is a bleed screw that screws inside that. Anyway Birkin have not supplied the correct reducer, it is a brass reducer with a gas thread (9/16" BSP thread) and the M10x1 bleed screw is forced into the 3/8" BSP thread on the inside. The giveaway is that the bleeder screw is way to short and never seats to seal the caliper so that is wrong as well.

So I wasted a bottle of fluid trying to bleed this arrangement.

Has anyone experienced this? I am guessing the only fix is a set of the proper VW parts.


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