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Original 1996

The first edition of this bestseller inspired so many people to build their own sports car that there now exists a thriving Locost Car Club, and an MSA-approved race series for Locosts run by the 750 Motor Club and sponsored by Haynes. 'a great book designed to get people involved' Motoring News

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May 2000

The second edition - in full colour - is updated and expanded throughout, with a new chapter on all aspects of racing a Locost, sections on improving handling, information on how to get through the Single Vehicle Approval test, and builders' own stories.

'Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as 250 and RACE IT !'  (ISBN 1-85960-636-9)


Build Your Own Sports Car

 June 2007

The newest version of the 'Locost' book, written by Chris Gibbs, is now available, unfortunately Haynes have withdrawn the original book, so it is not available 'new', it is still worth getting hold of a copy either second hand or in some shops as 'old stock'

The all-colour practical "Build Your Own Sports Car" provides all the information needed to build a road-going two-seater, open-top sports car on a budget, using standard tools, basic skills and low-cost materials. The down-to-earth text clearly explains each step along the road to producing a well-engineered, high-performance sports car, providing a learning experience in engineering and design - and opening up a whole new world of fun motoring.
The Haynes Roadster, which has fully independent rear suspension, has been designed with the aid of CAD software to develop the chassis and suspension, resulting in a car with performance and handling to challenge many established kit cars and mainstream sports cars. The design is intended to make use of components sourced primarily from a Ford Sierra donor, although alternative donors are mentioned.

A couple of words of caution, if built to the book plans and dimensions you will need to 'shorten' the Sierra drive shafts, and the Locost SA bodywork does not fit this chassis.

'Build Your Own Sportscar on a Budget'    ISBN no - 9781844253913