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registration using an agent

Postby ross on Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:32 pm

I've been dealing witha lady from a registration company fro about 3 weeks now. Initially she was able to get me a 21 day special permit for my car. Today I took my car to the vehicle identification facility at Aeroton. There I met a police inspector who was able to complete the SOA and the RPI forms for me, he aslo arranged to have the Locost VIN stamped on my chassis, this was all done very efficiently.
The next stage was to get the car weighed so we went to the vehicle testing station at Langlaagte, but unfortunately the weighbridge was out of order, so we went to the vehicle testing station at Booysens and unfortunatel encountered the same problem. We tried two more places that had weighbridges but these were no longer certified so they were no good either.
So after spending most of the day dragging my car around Jo'burg on a trailer, I decided to call it a day and come home. Now all I need to get is a weighbridge certificate and an MMC form from the weighbridge people. Hopefully, I can get the car weighed at Centurion. Once I have the MMC and the weighbridge certificate I can apply to have a register number issued for the vehicle, which means that it will be listed on the E Natis system. According to the lady this should take no longer than 21 days, then I can take the car for the roadworthy and apply for registration, which she says should take one day. I'll keep the forum updated.
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