4age 20v harness

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4age 20v harness

Postby Vauxhall on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:21 pm

Hi all

The other day i picked up a blacktop and with it i got hold of the complete engine harness and with keys and immobilizer box

My question is
Wil it be difficult to connect the harness once I'm ready to fire up?
Is their anyone that done this that can advice me on this
The harness looks straight forward plug in but there is some plugs that connect with the main harness inside of the car that supply the ecu with ignition on and cranking etc
Can it be done without the main car harness or
Should i just scrap the idea?
The main reason i opted to use standard ecu is cause i live in a town where the facilities of a dyno is non existence so to spare me the cost traveling to a dyno and stuff i want to stick with standard ecu as this car will mainly be a daily driver and occasionally trax days

Your input is much appriciated
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