Stripping 20v Dizzy

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Stripping 20v Dizzy

Postby Kango on Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:22 pm

How is it done. I need to grind off the teeth as per Diktator requirements

Hopefully I will then see whick wires goes to which coil.
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Re: Stripping 20v Dizzy

Postby ross on Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:12 am

I've got a Toyota workshop manual and it only goes as far as removing the rotor, it doesn't say anything about removing the shaft. There's probably a circlip or some kind of spring clip keeping the shaft in the body. I had to modify mine for the Gotech system, I took it to a dizzy rebuild centre in Centurion and they did the mod for a couple of hundred bucks.
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Re: Stripping 20v Dizzy

Postby Garreth on Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:37 pm

Hi there,

I had to modify mine for the GoTech system and did it all myself.

1.Remove the black cap with leads by unscrewing the three black screws.
2.Remove the rotor by undoing the two gold color screws.
3. there is a bolt close to where the wires for the ECU come out, un bolt that.
4. Carefully wiggle the dizzy out of the cylinder head.

NOTE: It is a good Idea to crank the motor over to TDC on the number 1 cylinder before you pull the dizzy. Also as a back up, mark by means of a screw driver or etching tool the orientation of the dizzy, as you know it rotates to adjust timing. With that said it is really simple to put back as the back of the rotor has a profiled flange that is offset, hence it will only go in the way you took it out.

With regard to the wires, on the GoTech system they give you a pretty picture telling you which outputs are which. If you need those I'll write them up but not sure if it would be the same.
I ground off the teeth with a little dremmel that I had but a file will do the trick. The metal is really soft so just work carefully.
Also get aall the little metal shavings off the dizzy after removing the teeth as these will affect the performance.

Hope it helps

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