Using coilpacks with Perfectpower xmsl on Silvertop 4AGE

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Using coilpacks with Perfectpower xmsl on Silvertop 4AGE

Postby Murray on Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:18 pm

Hi Everyone

Back on the forum after a long time of not using/playing with the lotus.

I would like to get opinions on the use of individual coilpacks to replace the standard Silvertop distributor and high tensile plug leads. My reasoning for replacing them is that my Perfectpower xmsl unit gets interference, possibly from the the ignition system. The interface is causing the engine to not rev smoothly and to encounter a limiter at 7000rpm .I have moved the Rev limiter in the perfectpower software to 9000rpm to see if this removed the limiter, unfortunately this did not make an improvement.

I have also used shielded cable to the standard distributor and the PP xmsl unit to reduce the interference, which has not seemed to have helped.

I would like to get opinions whether the coilpacks may reduce the potential of interference on the PP xmsl and allow the engine to rev better and potentially reach higher than 7000rpm.
I would use coilpacks from toyota yaris, based on information from this article: ... info-guide

My other potential option is to install another management system and have the system tuned.

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