High Compression Pistons on the Reef

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High Compression Pistons on the Reef

Postby XKV8R on Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:54 am

My Birkin S3 is currently away at the sparkies getting the finishing touches to the wiring and will soon be started up - I am hoping mid January to mid Feb. This build can be checked out at www.xkv8r.blogspot.com. Basic go fast bits are Alphacon ECU and 45mm T/B's, 11:1 Cosworth pistons and RLD210 cams from Raceline.

Other pieces are a lightweight flywheel, AP 8.5"clutch, Raceline Water rail, Raceline sump, oil filter and cam cover. The tranny is a standard Type 9 which I rebuilt.

BUT I am already looking to swop out the current 2l Duratec which "should" develop somewhere between 190-210 bhp with a 250hp version. Looking at the Cosworth site they use 13:1 CR pistons for their 250hp spec motor which might be all well and good at their (UK) sea level altitudes and high octane fuel but may be prone to knocking at Reef altitudes and 95 ULP. Can anyone comment on this?

The 250 upgrade is going to require some C for Serious engine mods, not to mention some changes to the gearbox. At an exchange rate of 17:1 the sum total of the bits and pieces comes to R110,000 and that excludes the price of a NEW Duratec crate engine and a donor gearbox. Indeed we are being truly screwed by the exchange rate!
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