Irs rear upright

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Irs rear upright

Postby Vauxhall on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:48 pm

Hi all im new to this
my project was at hold for a while but im now back up and ready to continue

Ive bought a chassis from a guy and i decided to follow the irs route as the chassis was a live axel
I then chopped of the rear end and rebuild the rear end with the rorty design but the rorty design uprights was just not a good looking upright so i decided to follow the Chris Gibs upright so i redesign the wishbones to accommodate the new upright all is well it looks good it houses the hub assembly from the sierra

Now ive read som guys have had hassles with the bearing setup and there is a mod to fit a vw solid bearing instead of the 2 cups and cones please can you give me more invo on how to do this mod cause
No1. im not sure do i get the bearing housing machined to fit the bearing
2. and do i get a new hub and will it fit the side shaft wich is a push in type cv joint
3. Where does one buy these push in cv joints?

Many thanks
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