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Postby Kango on Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:20 pm

Very difficult week end to get anything done.
Rugby Saturday, then barely enough time to lick my wounds and it is the first SBK race. There at least something in RED won. Fortunately the race finishes just in time for the GP qualifying.
Same thing Sunday, SBK Race 2 heavily delayed and then the GP.

At least I managed to get the jig made for the lower rear wishbones, tack them up and do a trial fit. I have made the trailing rear link solid. Everything is so accurate that I see no reason to make it to swivel. The little bit of adjustment needed to dial in any toe at the back does not really affect the distance between the bearing ends attaching to the upright. I also hope it will reduce a bit of the play I experienced in the 442 that was also running an IRS. If it does not work out it is not too a big modification and if it works it is a little bit of weight and something that come loose that I have saved. Not to mention time and complexity. These wishbones are not handed at all so only need one spare to with to races.

Just for interest...stumbled on this pic a manufactured upright vs a machined upright. something to play with to try out my CAD skills.

Also spent some time to fabricate the forward reverse switching for the ring roller motor. Unfortunately it is extremely temperamental so I will have another go at it this week end. I had 2 coach bolts next to one another that is connected to the motor and the capacitor and when the contact with the power having the make contact with both of the bolts at the same time. You can understand that if one has 4 of these set up and expecting them to make contact perfectly at the same time...it just does not happen. More school fees.
Rear Bottom WB.jpg
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Postby Charl on Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:08 pm

No more updates from the project?

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