Locost SA Starter Specials
These specials are starter kits designed for the home builder, we can supply all the necessary components to complete your car whether it be a bare bones racer or a sophisticated road car. 


 Starter Kits Now Available From Stock

R 19,995

Contact info@locost.co.za

Starter Kit contains :
Chassis with all mounting brackets
    Front Wishbone Set (4) including Camber adjusters
    Rear Wishbone Set (4), including Camber and Tracking adjusters
    Full Poly Bush Set with Anodised Inserts
    Chassis, wishbones and uprights are supplied epoxy coated in black (other colours to order)

Starter Kit is designed for the following ‘donor’ parts.

          Front Uprights, Hubs                                 Locost SA Ali Uprights or Ford Cortina (Sierra/Sapphire Option available)
          Differential, Drive Shafts, Rear Hubs          Ford Sierra/Sapphire

We can supply alternative new parts, and occasionally used parts, please contact us for details.