Why a DigiDash ?

    Comparing the cost of installing a 'normal' dash using reputable instruments (eg VDO,Smiths, ETB etc) it is very easy to justify a DigiDash2 Lite.
    On top of the obvious costs think how much time is spent preparing the dashboard, fitting each gauge, installing all the connectors, working out the wiring for each instrument and light, trying to find room to fit them all in a tidy looking layout.

Traditional Instruments
Electronic Speedo R 2,860
Speedo Sensor R 330
Tachometer R 1,430
Fuel Level Gauge R 495
Fuel Level Sensor R 680
Oil Pressure Gauge R 460
Pressure Sensor R 440
Water Temperature Gauge R 460
Temperature Sensor R 90
Oil Temperature Gauge R 460
Temperature Sensor R 90
Voltmeter R 475
5 legal requirement warning lights R 420
Total Excluding Wiring, connectors etc  R 8,690

With the DigiDash2 Lite for less than R1,000 more you get all the above plusETBDigiDash2-PRO

    5 Warning Lights
        (High Beam, Brake Fail, Indicators, Rear Fog and Battery Warning)
    11 programmable RPM shift Lights
    5 programmable warning Alarms
    Configurable Warning Light
    Peak hold of Maximum  Values
    User Configurable LCD Display
    Primary LED Display, Speed/RPM/Gear and warnings

    Simple installation in a CNC machined, anodised aluminium case, the DD2-LITE will enhance the cockpit of any vehicle.

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