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Overview: DigiDash2 - PRO
The DigiDash2 - PRO is a powerful Datalogger and Display system designed for the discerning clubman racer, casual track day driver or road user.

Combining all the usual dashboard instruments into one compact and lightweight digital unit that allows for either dashboard or steering wheel mounting, The DD2-PRO presents the driver with clearly readable vehicle dynamics, engine parameters and lap timing information.

The DD2-PRO incorporates a host of features usually associated with high-end, expensive data acquisition systems, previously only afforded by professional racing teams.

ETB Instruments Digidash2
Features Summary
All main harness connections and sensor inputs are made via the Datalogger box, which includes 17.3Mb of memory for hours of data logging.
The Display module incorporates HESA™GLAS red filtering on the LED display coupled with Peeraguard™ scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating on all display areas making the unit clearly readable in all conditions. The Display can be further adjusted for brightness and contrast to suit user requirements.

The DD2-PRO incorporates the following main inputs: water temperature; oil temperature; oil pressure; auxiliary pressure (fuel or positive boost); fuel level; 1 RPM input; 1 Speed Input; Infra-red Lap Timer (up to 32 split times).

In addition, the DD2- PRO includes an on-board 2 axis G-Sensor (Lateral & Longitudinal), programmable shift-lights, 6 warning lights plus: engaged Gear; battery voltage; trip distance counter / timer, engine hour counter; odometer (total & trip counter); acceleration/deceleration timer and BHP calculator.

Maximum peak values on all main parameters are recorded in memory for recall via the display, and there are 7 programmable warning alarms on key engine parameters.

The Datalogger box is manufactured in Die-Cast aluminium ensuring rugged construction and reliability in harsh environments, whilst the Display module is CNC machined from high grade Aluminium and anodised is one of 5 colours: Silver, Black, Red, Blue or Gold.

Powerful DigiTools Software for Analysis, Track Mapping and Video Overlay
Recorded Data can be analysed in detail using the DigiTools PC Analysis Software supplied on CDROM as part of the comprehensive package.
All parameters can be analysed, including the ability to overlay different data sessions or lap times for comparison. The DigiTools also includes track mapping and video overlay features for the serious competitor.
From recorded lap times and data, the DigiTools can plot the track layout to a very high degree of accuracy.
Dual-video playback with data overlay allows for complete visual analysis of your recorded laps, and the dual playback feature enables side-by-side playback of 2 different sets of data for comparison and in-depth analysis.
The DigiDash2-PRO is supplied with wiring harnesses, a comprehensive user manual (on CDROM), Quickstart guide, DigiTools Data Analysis software and the following sensors: 2-Axis G-Sensor; water temperature; oil temperature; oil pressure; fuel-level and speed sensor. ETBDD2Group
Race Wins as Standard!

The DD2-PRO is easy to install and the user friendly software will enable you to immediately begin recording and analysing race data.

The DigiDash2-PRO, within 1 month of launch. achieved multiple wins for the Stuart Taylor Motorsport Works Team.

Congratulations to Tim Gray - Overall RGB Champion 2005 !!

Congratulations also to Martin Brooks who won his last race at Cadwell Park and now currently leads Class A in the RGB 2005 Championship.

Function Summary
  • Speed (mph / km/h selectable) (Maximum of 250mph or 400 Km/h)
  • RPM (up to 25,000)
  • Engaged Gear (calculation based)
  • Water Temperature (in C or F)
  • Oil Temperature (in C or F)
  • Oil Pressure (in PSI or BAR)
  • Auxiliary Pressure (fuel or boost)
  • Fuel Level (% Remaining in Tank)
  • Battery Voltage
  • 2 axis G-sensor
  • Race/Track day lap timer with up to 32 split times
  • Elapsed race timer
  • Programmable Shift Lights (3 Modes of Operation)
  • Datalogger (17.3Mb)
  • Selectable Sample Rate for Recording Data (10-20Hz)
  • Brake System Usage logging
  • Programmable Warning Alarms
  • Maximum (Peak) Value Hold memory on all parameters
  • Odometer (total & trip counter)
  • Acceleration / Deceleration timer
  • Engine Hour Counter
  • Trip Distance Timer
  • Built-in SVA Compliant Warning Lights
  • BHP calculator
Technical Specifications
  • Operating Voltage - 8-16v
  • Max Power Consumption 400mA
  • Dimensions:
Datalogger Box - 120mm x 110mm x 36mmDisplay - 160.4mm x 89.8mm x 28mm
  • Weight - 600g
  • Ingress Protection Rating - IP54