Westfield SEiGHT

The car which the press nicknamed the "White Knuckle Ride", this is the first Westfield SEiGHT to hit the roads (and tracks) of  South Africa.
Powered by a lightly modified Rover 3.6L V8, The car is a Westfield SEiGHT 'Full Module' kit, obviously for such a British sports car and Rover powerplant it had to be British Racing Green, with the additional options of the competition suspension pack, low ratio steering rack, limited slip diff and AP four-pot callipers 'up-front', this should be a serious performer.

The SEiGHT 'in action'
Zwartkops SuperPole 7th May 2005

We took the Westfield SEiGHT out to Zwartkops for their SuperPole event, timed runs around the Kart track was great fun, thanks to the Zwartkops Owners Club for a great day, and to Dave Hastie and Andre Du Plessis for these pictures.

Now 100% Complete

We finally got round to all the finishing touches and the weather gear, the hood and sidescreens fitted perfectly, and we were impressed, I was worried 'cos a lot of weather gear detracts from the style of this kind of car, but Westfield have got it spot on, the car looks just as good with the hood on, there's plenty of room inside, and it seems pretty good on the waterproofing side.  Pics soon....

First Public Outing

Zwartkops - 29th January 2005

We took the SEiGHT along to Zwartkops, we were given a prime spot right in front of the canteen and got the chance to send Jim out on the track at the start of the main races to 'show her off'. Thanks to the guys at Zwartkops for a great opportunity, and especially to Jon for the commentary and interview. Also a big thank you to Andre, not only did he take all the great pictures, but also helped us out all day.

Click on the pics for full image.

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She's On The Road

Yep, despite the rain, and a serious battle to get her out of the drive, (thanks to Jim, Scott, Chris and Kevin for the help) she was on the tarmac, and the only word that gets close is AWESOME. Still needs headlights, front wings and a few trim pieces but otherwise she's there....

The power from the Rover V8 with the light weight makes for a stunning car, the exhaust system keeps the noise down to a reasonable level, but the exhaust note subtly lets you know there's power lurking in there.

 Apologies for the picture quality, as you see it was raining, the light was terrible, and I think my hands were still shaking a little :-), click on the pics for the full size original. More pics to come once she's 100% complete.

The pictures below show the car with all the running gear installed, and a 'scrap' engine block and gearbox for the trial fitting of the custom made exhaust system.
Even without seats who could resist sitting in such a beautiful vehicle.....

Myself, Ann and Scott appear in the pics, check Sasha (my Mums dog) getting in on the last pic, (bottom left hand corner)